How to Tell if Your Car Needs Rim Repair

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There are many parts that make up a car, and one of those important parts is the wheel rims that allow you to have a solid mount for your tires and an enhanced, smoother drive. Unfortunately, you might someday hit a curb, scrape a trashcan, or run over a pothole. This can result in damaged rims, and it’s better to get your rims fixed sooner rather than later with rim repair.

How to Tell if Your Car Needs Rim Repair

These issues might indicate that you need rim repair:

  • Car pulls to the side: A bent rim can result in a pull in your vehicle. When a rim is bent, your car will no longer be able to drive on its usual four completely round rims, which will then create a drag on the affected tire.
  • Steering wheel vibrates: Normally, you won’t feel a lot of vibration from your steering wheel while driving. The front tire rims are known to cause vibration within the steering wheel when damaged. This is an especially helpful indicator if you can’t easily detect rim damage.
  • Visual appearance has degraded: After a certain amount of time, your tire rims might lose their original luster. If you notice scratches and scrapes along your rims or tires that deflate quicker than usual, it might be time for rim repair to get your rims in top condition again.

Damaged rims aren’t as stressful as they might sound. You can get your rims repaired quickly when you work with professionals like ours here at SGP Customs. Call us today for more information!